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Watertightness: An important criteria for doors and windows

In addition to connecting the two spaces, another important role of doors and windows is to protect us from wind and rain, like a wall. Therefore, when choosing the type of door for the house, we must pay attention to the waterproof ability, the quality of the door’s components, especially in Vietnam, when it rains.

TOSTEM is a long-standing brand and has been confirmed quality in Japan, managed by JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) – Japanese industrial standards, and American ASTM standards. Because Japan is very strict about product quality and JIS is an accepted production standard in the world, we ensure the quality of products supplied to the market.
These sets of standards promote competition in the market to best meet the conditions in them, benefiting consumers in terms of product quality.

When it rains, rain water along with strong winds will flow along the edge of the door, can get into the house and damage furniture, causing mold … So when choosing a door firm, you should pay attention to the parameters in terms of water tightness, is the ability to resist rainfall under wind pressure. Parameters in the range of 100-250 Pa, the higher the index, the more effective the waterproof is.

TOSTEM door with watertight tested:
GRANTS Series (most advanced): 300Pa
WEPLUS Series: 240Pa
P7 Series: 250Pa
WE70 Series: 150Pa

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