Tostem News  |  15.12.20

Visit LIXIL Digital Showroom

The explosion of virtual reality technology (VR 360) has brought a revolution to many industries and fields; especially when the development of smartphones helps users tend to pay more attention to smart products/services.

Foreseeing that trend, LIXIL Vietnam has invested VR360 ° technology in a series of Showrooms to help users experience the most comprehensively; from there to explore a variety of spaces, just by simple manipulations on computers or on mobile devices. Customers can visit and find out more information about TOSTEM’s products at Digital Showroom Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh Digital Showroom of LIXIL Vietnam.


With the advantage that all details in the Showroom are fully and accurately reproduced as materials and applications, users are fully active in navigating around and selecting favorite areas, saving a lot of time and travel costs.



Let’s join our tour to LIXIL Digital Showroom with VR 360 technology by clicking here!

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