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TOSTEM, a Century of Excellence within LIXIL, Reveals Vision for Global Expansion and Sustainable Future.

[Tokyo, October 18,2023] – LIXIL Corporation, the global leader in housing materials and water technology, remains committed to improving the lives of over one billion individuals worldwide. At the forefront of innovation, LIXIL consistently sets new industry standards by delivering cutting-edge housing and water technology solutions through its diverse brand portfolio, including renowned names such as TOSTEM, INAX, Grohe, American Standard, and more. LIXIL pioneers fresh and transformative value for valued customers.

LIXIL Corporation, a global leader in innovation, operates in over 150 countries with a workforce exceeding 50,000 employees and 80 production plants. We annually invest over 23.5 billion yen in research and development, leveraging our Japanese heritage to create cutting-edge technology and exceptional products that elevate living spaces.

Our two key businesses are LIXIL Water Technology, where we craft aesthetically pleasing bathroom and kitchen products under influential global brands, and LIXIL Housing Technology, which offers a comprehensive range of housing-related items, including windows and doors, entrance doors, exterior building materials, and interior furnishing materials.

LIXIL Housing Technology constitutes 40% of our group’s value, equivalent to approximately 600 billion yen. Notably, 37% of LHT’s production comes from residential doors and windows, highlighting our strong commitment to innovation and quality as we strive to redefine homes globally.

With a century of wisdom, TOSTEM is an integral part of LIXIL Housing Technology, showcasing our unwavering commitment. Rooted in Japanese traditions and boasting a hundred years of experience, TOSTEM embodies innovation while staying true to our brand promises. Throughout its century-long journey, TOSTEM has consistently displayed creativity and inventiveness, surmounting challenges, and pioneering numerous industry-firsts. “At LIXIL Housing Technology, our core strategy is centered around the creation of innovative values to drive sustainable growth. We are placing our primary focus on two key areas: the development of unique customer-centric products and the exploration of new market opportunities,” stated Mr. Satoshi Yoshida, Executive Officer, Executive Vice President, LIXIL Housing Technology (LHT), LIXIL Corporation.

Mr. Satoshi Yoshida, Executive Officer, Executive Vice President, LIXIL Housing Technology (LHT), LIXIL Corporation

Mr. Yoshida highlighted three distinct avenues that we are currently exploring:

  1. Luxury Market: LIXIL Housing Technology is dedicated to meeting the unique demands of high-net-worth individuals by providing customized solutions. In 2021, we marked a noteworthy achievement with the successful introduction of NODEA, showcasing our steadfast dedication to addressing the specific needs of the Luxury market sector.
  2. Environmental Market: LIXIL Corporation is dedicated to eco-friendly products and services, with the ambitious Environmental Vision 2050 goal for net-zero CO2 emissions and sustainable resource use. We recently introduced the PremiAL R70 with 70% recycling and are preparing to launch the exclusive PremiAL R100, using 100% recycled materials.
  3. Global Expansion: LIXIL Housing Technology is actively expanding its innovative products globally, particularly in Asia. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, LIXIL Group has seen steady growth since last year, offering comprehensive housing solutions. Mr. Yoshida declared, ‘Our commitment to accelerating investment in the Asian region remains steadfast, as we aim to provide rich and comfortable living experiences to our valued customers in Asia through our TOSTEM brand.


LIXIL Housing Technology is dedicated to creating innovative products for diverse markets. In celebration of our 100th anniversary, we introduced ‘Dusk Gray,’ a groundbreaking aluminum profile color achieved through anodized treatment.

LIXIL Housing Technology has a significant presence in Asia, with its history dating back to the establishment of a factory in Thailand in 1988. Initially focused on exporting to Japan, the company gradually expanded its operations beyond Japan in the 2000s, including markets in Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, India, and Taiwan. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, LIXIL Housing Technology has experienced substantial growth in recent years, thanks to TOSTEM’s aggressive brand investments and the construction of a robust channel network.

TOSTEM has a presence in six Asian countries and operates manufacturing facilities in four factories. Our dedicated R&D center and marketing headquarters, situated in Thailand exclusively for our Asian business, place a strong emphasis on product quality through a unique pre-engineering system. This system not only ensures consistent quality but also enables the rapid expansion of the TOSTEM partner network.

To maintain elevated standards in both product and construction quality, TOSTEM conducts partner training programs through the TOSTEM Academy.

Customer experience is paramount to TOSTEM, and Mr. Ichiro Murakoshi, Leader of LIXIL Housing Technology Asia, states, “In our pursuit of excellence, we place immense emphasis on the ‘Touch and Feel Experience.’ We firmly believe that it is vital for customers to not only see but also experience our products firsthand, leading to satisfaction and, ultimately, purchase.” This underscores the significance of the brand in overseas markets, aligning with the medium-to-long-term global brand strategy for the TOSTEM brand. This strategy emphasizes Japanese design, technology, and quality delivered through digital platforms. LIXIL Housing Technology offers a comprehensive housing solution, including aluminum windows/doors, entrance doors, aluminum interiors, and aluminum exteriors, all designed to meet unique Asian requirements.

To celebrate TOSTEM’s 100th anniversary, the company is hosting the TOSTEM Asia Design Award, a residential design competition across Asian countries. This event honors architects who contribute to enhancing customer living quality and comfort through their expertise and innovative designs, aligning with TOSTEM’s commitment to quality, Japanese design principles, and advanced technology. The award fosters collaboration between TOSTEM and the Asian architectural community, recognizing architectural excellence while offering architects a chance to be part of TOSTEM’s legacy of quality and innovation.

cửa nhôm kính TOSTEM

 About TOSTEM:

TOSTEM is a globally recognized brand of windows and doors, and it is a part of LIXIL, Japan’s most respected name in building materials, housing products, and services. Guided by the principles of always striving for the highest quality and never simply imitating what others had already accomplished, we have continually evolved to meet changing lifestyles and customer expectations over the years. Our focus has been on enhancing the performance and comfort of homes, allowing people to stay connected to nature while being protected from the elements. Our products serve as a durable interface that enhances comfort and well-being.

About LIXIL:

LIXIL is a global leader in the housing and building industry. Our unique portfolio spans everything from technologies that revolutionize how we interact with water in our daily lives to a full lineup of products and services for housing and major architectural projects. Delivering core strengths in water, kitchen, housing, and building technologies, our brands, including TOSTEM, NODEA, INAX, GROHE, and American Standard, are leaders in the industries and regions in which they operate. LIXIL operates in more than 150 countries and employs more than 70,000 people, bringing together function, quality, and design to enhance people’s lives and make them more delightful, wherever they are.

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