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The importance of Air tightness in Windows and Doors

What is airtightness?

Airtightness is the ability to separate air between two environments, creating a separate space. Thereby helping to ensure the air inside the room is always clean, preventing bad factors from affecting the quality of life.


The role of airtight windows and doors in life

The gaps around windows and doors are often the main source of exhaust air affecting life. Air intrusion increases the heating load in winter and can limit comfortable conditions near windows. In buildings with air conditioning, it increases the cooling load in the summer. The airtight performance is also a big factor to protect the living space from pollution such as dust and odor.

  • Helping the air inside the room is always clean
  • Minimize smoke, dust, toxic gas pollution, bad smell to enter the house
  • Minimize cleaning time
  • Help save energy when using air conditioner or heater
  • Improve the homeowner’s health, spirit and quality of life

Airtight doors help improve the home’s health, spirit and quality of life

TOSTEM aluminum doors meet international airtightness standards

Quality and standards are the core of TOSTEM products. Japan has long been known for its strict control of standards. TOSTEM applies a Quality Control system to ensure that the product meets international industry standards: Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and International ASTM.

The airtight performance of TOSTEM windows and doors is certified by the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) for healthy living for everyone. TOSTEM door products are equipped with high quality gaskets and accessories to help prevent air overflow through gaps. The door lock is specially designed by TOSTEM to close the gap between the frame and the wing for maximum tightness.


TOSTEM aluminum doors meet international airtightness standards


Test to check the airtightness of the door

Watch the video of the TOSTEM door airtight test experiment


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