Ventilation System

With understanding of dweller’s need and comfort at heart, TOSTEM invented and developed window and door that create air circulation in the living space without relying on energy for better air quality, cooler and unpleasant odor-free.

Another factor that TOSTEM keeps in mind during design process is safety and security as TOSTEM Airflow System is not only provide ventilation but also protect the living space from insect and designed to prevent burglary with secure anti-theft lock but easy to operate with TOSTEM locking system that will improve the security standard whether you are home or not. Our airflow system is in modern minimal style to fit in with any house design.

TOSTEM Airflow System includes GIESTA AirFlow: steel wooden pattern door with integrated ventilation, AirFlow Door: ventilation door with sliding window for multiple ventilation levels and AirFlow Slot: slot for ventilation with flap in top-notch design compatible with various Tostem window designs seamlessly.


Product features

TOSTEM products are developed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, setting new standards and quality metrics in the industry, which is what makes TOSTEM a leading name in residential solutions. housing around the world.

Smart design to prevent finger pinching when door is closed

Provide passive ventilation environment

Complete air flow with security

Keep mosquito and pest away from your home

Inside view- Open

Inside view- Close

Bearing for easy open / close operation

Detachable insect screen for cleaning

(When closed) JIS A-3 Airtight performance certified, dust blocking


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You should install aluminium door frames in your homes and office spaces because of the following reasons:

  • Aluminium doors come in different design options – thus helping you transform your home and office spaces according to your target theme and preference.
  • Aluminium door prices are, on average, more affordable than wooden doors.
  • Aluminium door design offers durability, meaning minimal expenditure on maintenance and upkeep. When looked at from this perspective, aluminium doors are cost-efficient too.
  • Aluminium glass door designs are easy to clean and maintain, requiring as little as four to five times a year. You have to clean the glass panes, and you’re good to go.

Aluminium door prices can vary from company to company based on many factors such as:

  • The reputation of the company: The more recognized the door manufacturing company, the costlier their aluminium frame doors will be.
  • Quality Standards: The quality standards upheld in the manufacturing process of the aluminum door design.
  • Customisations: Based on your unique door customisation requests, the cost of an aluminium frame door can go up significantly.
  • Manufacturing Process: As the doors are designed, manufactured, and installed by a highly professional and skilled team, there is no deviation in product delivery and performance as was promised at the time of purchase.
  • Aluminium door price per sqft cost: The aluminium door with glass price can also vary based on your total door size requirement. The measurement for each square ft will dictate how expensive your door will be.

Get in touch with us at here to get a quote on our premium aluminium door designs. We would like to hear from you.

The installation of aluminium doors will be undertaken by skilled professionals who are most likely hired by the door manufacturing company. When you make a purchase, a company will send over an employee to fit the aluminium frame door in your home’s desired space.

Before you make a purchase, it is ideal that you give the measurements of the door to the company and choose an aluminium door design of the correct size ratio. If you prefer the helping hands of trained professionals, you can request with the door manufacturing.

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