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New Product: Carport MC

In addition to the unique Carport SC with all-aluminum profiled materials, TOSTEM has further developed the Carport MC car roof product to bring more choices to customers.

What is Carport MC used for?

In the past, garages for cars were often designed to be located in the house, helping to bring harmony to the space. However, arranging a garage in the house can affect the health and safety of family members due to toxic elements arising from automobile engine waste or the risk of fire or explosion. Therefore, the modern trend is to install a car roof outdoors, in front of the house to save installation costs and at the same time bring safety to homeowners.

Outdoor car roof

Carport MC is made from high-quality materials

Like Carport SC, the Carport MC product also has the entire frame made of aluminum profiles, which helps the product not to rust, and withstands rain and storms.

The roof of the carport is made of Poly that is up to 200 times stronger than glass, cuts UV rays up to 100% and has the ability to cut heat up to 52%, helping to protect car paint and accessories, no color fading, damage.

Carport MC car roof has a sophisticated design

With a slim, minimalist design consisting of only a roof and two supporting columns, Carport MC brings an artistic and classy space to your home. Every little detail about accessories is meticulously designed by us, to bring an elegant beauty that perfectly matches with modern and sophisticated architectural designs.

Design into every detail

Japanese quality

TOSTEM’s Carport MC uses aluminum profiles that meet Japanese JIS technical quality standards, helping to ensure the rigidity, bearing capacity, as well as durability of the product. TEXGUARD Advanced Surface Treatment Technology – uses a scratch-resistant coating formulated by TOSTEM to provide a durable, scratch- and stain-resistant protection, keeping the product shiny and easy to clean.

The product can withstand wind pressure up to 38 m/s; The drain hose has passed the durability test in harsh environments (rainfall 70㎜/h), protecting your car even under heavy rainstorms.

Manufactured under a Pre-engineered system (Learn more here) with a simple structure, Carport MC products can be installed quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

For more information about products, quotes and how to order, please contact TOSTEM at the following address:

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