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Match Windows and Doors Colors with Wonderful Design

Talking about architectural aesthetics, window and door frames are comparable to lines that make a house look complete and clear. Matching a frame color with a perfect design is another important thing to make your style be more outstanding than it used to be.

For this time, TOSTEM will introduce you easy and simple tips to beautifully match frame colors with styles you want.

Modern House

For Thai people, modern houses are a popular house of all times thanks to its simple but cool look, which can go along well with a variety types of interior design. Considering a modern house that comes in a cool color like white or grey, black frames can fulfill the needs to highlight sharp lines within the house. On the other hand, you may use the color of natural silver that goes well and corresponds to the overall white color of the house.

Modern Contemporary House

For modern houses that offer a contemporary atmosphere, you can go with a door or window frame painted with a slightly lighter color like autumn brown. This can help make the house look warmer regardless of dark furniture being used, reflecting the sense of warmth, starting from the outside through the interior design.

Minimal House

Another popular house style in this era is nothing but a minimal house. Its strengths are its simplicity and minimal details by employing light brown wooden furniture as little as necessary. Recommended colors for the frames to be installed upon these white walls are shine gray, ivory white, and natural white, which would probably blend lines of the house with the overall decorations. Moreover, it also connects the interior design to the outer part seamlessly.

Loft House

A style that focuses on showing the raw surface part like bricks and authentic wood. Cool darkness is the key idea to be sticked to when decorating a room. Therefore, frame colors for this style of accommodation should be dark colors like autumn brown, or natural black. In this regard, don’t forget to consider the overall color of the house.

If the room plays with dark woods and white brick walls like what being shown in the picture, a brown frame would harmonize the overall look. However, if the appearance of the wall is raw cement with black steels, all frames should be black in order to sharpen the line pattern.

Vintage House

Be playful with your sweet vintage house by using a dark color for your door and window frames like black. Play with lines that divide the frames, because dark colors would promote vintage characters to be more outstanding. Additionally, the lines of frames will connect to the lines of furniture, blending in to achieve a smooth outcome.

TOSTEM color range

TOSTEM offers a wide range of color variations, which allows you to enjoy its lifelong beauty, adding happiness to your lifestyle. With the patented TEXGUARD system, the colors of TOSTEM products will last at least 40 years.

Our color range includes:
– Natural White
– Natural Silver
– Ivory White
– Shine Grey
– Autumn Brown
– Natural Black


TOSTEM specializes in providing Japanese aluminum doors according to quality control standards JIS H4100 (Japan), ASTM standards (USA) and international standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015.

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