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Lixil Vietnam – Top 100 best workplace in Vietnam 2020

Motivation to continue promoting corporate culture

The “Vietnam Best Places to Work” award was announced by professional community network Anphabe, and market research firm Intage, after assessing more than 70,000 professionals. experience, coming from more than 500 brands and employers from 20 different industries in Vietnam. The survey was conducted independently, with a strict process from in-depth interviews, group surveys and large-scale surveys to recognize objective opinions.

This year, Lixil Vietnam passed the rounds including in-depth survey and assessment with a total of 45 evaluation criteria, divided into 6 groups; including many outstanding criteria such as: salary, bonus and benefits, development opportunities and working environment, company culture, product quality in the market, health care, employee’s life …

At the ceremony, Mr. Masahiko Hiramoto, General Director of Lixil Vietnam shared: “This award is the driving force for us to continue to build our working environment to become more attractive and create public culture. company even better for members of the Lixil family. In Lixil, we work together to aim for the highest goal, to bring a better life to customers and society. “


“People are the first priority”

The representative of Lixil Vietnam shared that with the motto that people are the first priority, Lixil Vietnam creates a work environment that respects difference, creativity, fairness, environment of experience, learning as well as employee welfare program.

In Lixil, human resources have undergone orientation training to know information about: company culture, policy regime and enterprise values, labor safety, communication … Lixil members continue to participate in intensive training courses on effective working methods, soft skills and specific skills required by each position. Along with that, Lixil Vietnam officials and employees are also tempered with more than 150 training courses and participate in domestic and international seminars and forums every year.

In addition to improving professional qualifications, Lixil Vietnam also takes care of the health and life of employees through periodic health checks and provides health accident insurance for employees.


LIXIL Vietnam is honored to be among the Top 100 Best Workplaces in Vietnam 2020

Looking back on the journey of Lixil Vietnam and his employees overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Masahiko Hiramoto emphasized: “The spirit of unanimity, solidarity and attachment of the whole corporation is clearly shown in the pandemic past. With the motto of putting people first, Lixil Vietnam has quickly taken measures to ensure safety in terms of health for all its employees by: allocating masks, disinfecting spray, measuring temperature for employees who come to work directly.

At the same time, we also organized training sessions to effectively equip workers with skills to work at home before the social gap order was issued. Mentally, Lixil supports all workers with the amount of 11 million VND / person to help them and their families overcome the difficult times of the epidemic ”.


Representatives of Lixil Vietnam shared, by agreeing to the general rules including: Doing the right thing – Working with respect – Experience and learning, Lixil Vietnam has been striving to create the environment. ideal for all employees. That is also the reason why LIXIL Vietnam is honored to be named in the top 100 best places to work in Vietnam 2020.

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