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List of Stylish and functional Sliding doors to enhance home interior and exterior

From the original stacked sliding glass frames to a variety of stylish sliding doors which is one of the important elements that complement any architectural work.

Since beauty is within every detail and creativity pave the way from dream house to your favourite one.

Fixed middle frame narrow sliding windows

In design, the parallel lines of the frame reduce indelicacy of the wall. Its dark color contrasting with light colored walls draw attention making the wall stand out as part of the decoration.

Meanwhile, despite its narrow window frame, the sliding windows’ function is well-fitted for private space or infrequently use space. The windows are often used for ventilation occasionally. Yet, it connects the interior with the nice atmosphere outside.

3 Panel sliding doors

We might be familiar with 2 panel sliding doors but in fact the frame can be made into 3 panel which could be stored to one side giving 2/3 of open space compared to the 2 panel doors which can only be opened halfway.

The TOSTEM 3-panel sliding door can be found in the WE Plus, which is a 3-panel, 3-rail, and the P7, which is a 3-panel, 2-rail.


Corner sliding Door

Open to the outside from a different perspective by installing a sliding frame that opens from the corner of the building. Transform the blind spot into a 270-degree view, open to an airy and well-ventilated space while remove the familiar corners of the typical house adding an elegant gimmick for architectural design.

Photo credit : Yo-Ju Courtyard House
Design : Wittman Estes
Photogher: Andrew Pogue


Open corner sliding doors

Another choice of installing the sliding door from the angle is to use the open corner sliding door wrapped around the column as part of the design. A custom oversized sliding door is then used to create a thoroughly open environment.

This sliding door could be a single sliding door ( 2 panels) or multiple panels for a spacious look.

Multiple sliding doors in one frame

From one single sliding panel to narrow yet full of functions sliding frame various from a full sliding door for outdoor maintenance, a sliding windows for nice breezy day, and a fixed frame to create an airier space.

In addition to many functions that fit all needs, the vertical line of the frame also gives a spacious look to the area.

Sliding windows for reading corner

An empty wall had been modified to increase functionality with a built-in bench, adding more natural light by installing an edge to ceiling sliding window. The adequate sunlight increase a healthy working environment and make the smaller area looks even more spacious. 
On the other side, a floor-to-ceiling sliding door is installed along with the exterior guard rail creating architectural designs together with sense of safety at the same time.

Sliding windows with glass walls

Transform the typical windows to a giant window by using a floor-to-ceiling sliding window with the fixed frame on the bottom so that the entire wall is fully exposed to the natural light.

This sliding window is suitable for the North wall since it could be exposed to a natural light throughout the day without receiving direct heat radiation.

Extra wide sliding door

From a familiar typical standard sliding doors, try changing the width to the extra large to create airier and more spacious look and feel especially using center-opened sliding doors which can be open as single door or open them both enable completely frameless connection to the external and internal spaces.

Photo credit : Rühlstrasse House
Design: Alex : Lehnerer Architekten
Photographer: Tobias Wootton

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