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Let’s visit beautiful houses with TOSTEM – Part 1

With the aim of bringing new experiences to our readers, the program “Let’s visit beautiful houses with TOSTEM” will introduce many architectural styles to you.

In the first episode, the program was honored to meet Mr. Nguyen Phi Hung – Director of IDC INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT JSC and learn more about the living and working spaces at IDC Building – Building combined housing and offices in Trung Kinh, Hanoi.


Being a meticulous and aesthetic person, Mr. Hung chose a Japanese Architect to create his living and working space. In order to make the house space airy and bright, Mr. Hung shared that in addition to paying attention to choosing the position of the house with open direction, homeowners can consider using aluminum and glass doors to capture light and create a modern look to your house.

Regarding the issue of choosing the right aluminum door manufacturers, Mr. Hung said, there are many domestic and imported aluminum door products on the market with many different prices and quality. Through a process of careful evaluation and consideration, Mr. Hung has decided to choose the No. 1 aluminum door brand in Japan – TOSTEM for all window & door items of the project, including WE70, P7, WE PLUS, and mosquito mesh door system.

“Through the process of using the product, I am very satisfied with TOSTEM aluminum doors. TOSTEM aluminum doors operate smoothly, gently with good slider; When the weather is stormy, heavy rain, the door is very soundproof, tightly sealed to protect the house from rainwater. My favorite feature of the product is the slim elegant design with thin aluminum rails, which maximizes the space for light and vision of the building. Actually, up to now, I still cannot find out any dissatisfaction point about the product or service to give suggestions to the manufacturer. ”


TOSTEM is very honored to be an indispensable part of Mr. Hung’s house. Saying goodbye to this lovely customer, the program sent Mr.Hung a bouquet of flowers to thank Mr. Hung for his enthusiasm and support. Hopefully, the house that is filled with cool air, sunshine, and wind of Mr. Hung has given readers a wonderful experience.

Come and experience TOSTEM door products at Showroom in Hanoi and Showroom in Ho Chi Minh City, or contact us for more details.



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