Tostem News  |  13.12.22

Introducing new aluminum color: DUSK GRAY

The sun enhancing the scenery, set far away on the horizon. The afterglow of the sky gradually deepens, and the houses blend in with the scenery.

Why is this overlap of ambiguous colors bringing peace of mind? Why we are attracted to the beauty of this color? Connecting people and nature through windows and doors. Introducing the new color “DUSK GRAY” that blends in and complements your lifestyle.

In our last one century, TOSTEM created more than windows and doors because our passion has always been building people’s home for the better place through our wisdom and innovation.

With that, we become a leader in the industry and leading many “First” in housing innovation. As one century of making a better living has gone by, as we continue to rise as a leader in the industry. The new era of TOSTEM has begun. Introducing another first in the industry with the color DUSK GRAY.



Coexistence of metallic texture and low brightness achromatic color. We paid close attention to the finishing of the product to improve its decorativeness by using the technique of layering of anodized film and semi-transparent electrodeposition coating to achieve that beautiful DUSK GRAY color with low lightness without impairing the texture of aluminum.


Nowadays gray is considering a perfect shade for your exterior walls due to its versatility that can be used with lighter and darker shade, also it would complement many types of building design from minimal modern contemporary to sophisticated.

DUSK GRAY, created to fit perfectly with the trend. The moderate metal texture blends into the house, creating exterior wall with texture that also in tune and harmonizes with its surroundings without being too prominent and more importantly stand the test of time.


Home is where the heart is

A low-brightness gray with a slight bluish tinge that comes to life even more when reflecting light, which complements any exterior walls color especially the yellowish wood grain color (5Y) to create that beautiful perfect home. Home that will stimulate your mindset, build up a feeling of pride and elevate joy every time you look at.

Dusk Gray is available on GRANTS and ATIS series.

See our latest creation here:

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