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Insect screen – Protect your family from insects

Rolling insect screen is one of many products designed by TOSTEM. From learning about the living environment, architectural design style and living habits of the Vietnamese people, TOSTEM introduced to the market the insect rolling screen product, produced and managed according to strict Japanese standards, suitable to Vietnamese life.


Features of TOSTEM insect screen

– TOSTEM insect screen helps the house airy, receive natural light and wind while preventing insects, mosquitoes causing infectious diseases, especially dengue fever.

– Ergonomic design, easy to operate thanks to magnet and mesh cogs. The net can be retracted automatically by gear.

– Easy to use, gentle opening/closing operation even for children and the elderly.

– Under harsh environmental conditions, the function still remains after using more than 20,000 times.

– With reasonable prices, products have been trusted in Japan for more than 25 years and customers are always satisfied with the quality.


Advanced production technology

TOSTEM’s Insect screen use TEXGUARD technology, exclusive surface color treatment technology invented by TOSTEM to help the product to maintain long-lasting appearance.

• The color of the door is maintained for a long time despite the harsh impacts of windy environment.

• Scratch resistance: the product has good scratch resistance thanks to the surface treatment of highly cohesive molecular forming.

• Anti-fouling: thanks to the smooth surface structure, the product is always shiny and easy to clean.


Come and experience TOSTEM door products at Showroom in Hanoi and Showroom in Ho Chi Minh City, or contact us for more details.


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