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How TOSTEM’s pre-engineering system helps mitigate the crisis of COVID-19?

When talking about TOSTEM’s door and window frames, the first thing everybody would think about is the quality that meets international standards, artistic beauty of the products, as well as systemic installation services – a true happiness forwarded to consumers by TOSTEM. Despite of the pandemic, the pre-engineering system and potential of TOSTEM specialists are a good combination in carrying out efficient manufacturing and installation process that can certainly mitigate the severity of the crisis for the country.


Get to know more about the pre-engineering system

The “pre-engineering system” defined by TOSTEM is products that are developed, designed, manufactured, and completely assembled within a strict quality control throughout a process carried out by TOSTEM specialists, starting from the manufacturing process of molds, aluminum billets, extrusion forming, finishing, aluminum bar cutting, and assembling to the installation process carried out by specialists. Everything is step by step, facilitating the installation which can be done by using only one screwdriver.

Fast installation and instant usage


As all frames are manufactured based on the same standards, it helps reduce complexity while installing. When the pre-engineered frames arrive at the construction site, TOSTEM specialists will be able to assemble and install them instantly by adhering to TOSTEM standards. As a result, you can lessen your time on the installation, meeting the requirements of social distancing effectively. Moreover, all family members can happily use their individual spaces at the same time.


Completed from the factory

As we use standardized industrial machines in manufacturing pre-engineered frames, it reduces chances for manufacturers to be in contact with the surface of the frames, unlike the conventional manufacturing process. Once completed, they are ready to be assembled and installed at the construction site with minimum time used. The standards of the pre-engineering systems therefore help disease transmission through contact, and even mitigate the rate of disease spreading.


Standard is everywhere

With the pre-engineering system, TOSTEM team is able to conduct research and development on tiny details in order to make the products of TOSTEM meet the needs of users in all respects, and fulfill the determination of TOSTEM in providing good quality of life for the users. With more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing window and door frames, all products produced have met the same standards. You can be worry-free when products arrive at your house, as they can be installed instantly within a short period of time.

Ventilation is still an important thing

As we’re in this pandemic situation, being healthy at all times is important even when you’re at home. TOSTEM’s window and door frames are designed for convenient use. It can be closed tightly when not being used. Moreover, the ventilation is designed perfectly to allow good hygiene within your home during your self-quarantine. It can truly help both you and the nation.

Know more about Pre Engineered system here.


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