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GIESTA entrance door – masterpiece in modern architecture

In order to meet the demand for wood grain colors so that homeowners and architects can unleash their design styles, TOSTEM has designed GIESTA doors that are manufactured and imported from Thailand.




TOSTEM’s GIESTA wood grain aluminum doors bring luxury beauty from wood grain colors and modern design, with 7 choices of colors: 04 wood grain colors and 03 powder coating colors. The door panel incorporates tempered glass grooves to enhance the light from the outside while ensuring the privacy of the user inside.



GIESTA wood grain aluminum door is composed of aluminum bars of JIS Japanese standard, helping to ensure hardness, bearing capacity, as well as durability of the product. Text Guard advanced surface treatment technology – using a scratch-resistant coating made by TOSTEM since 2005 and is now used in all its products to help them achieve durability up to 40 years.



GIESTA TOSTEM doors have been rigorously tested to withstand the effects of nature in the laboratory. Specifically, GIESTA doors are able to withstand wind pressure of 1200Pa, watertight 150Pa, airtight 75Pa and reduce outside noise up to 25 dB.



Secure 2-layer lock system with smart design from Japan. Components are synchronized and produced by genuine research to help the door move smoothly and smoothly, and the long life of accessories. Giesta Entrance Door wood grain aluminum door handle is designed for easy use and absolute safety for users. The product is fitted with rubber gaskets to prevent the air between the door frame and the door with a size of 13.5 mm, helping to prevent water leakage, and safe against finger grip when opening the door.

Another feature designed by TOSTEM engineers to enhance the customer experience is a handle that enhances convenience for the user – with a luminous reflective lock and a reverse key. This ensures that even at night the key can be inserted into the socket using both sides so the door can be locked and opened immediately.



Preventing outside intrusions into your home is an important function of the door. Giesta Entrance Doors are equipped with a 2-layer locking system, designed with 3 hook points to enhance security, including a top door guard to ensure security. As an added security feature, the inside of the door has a key knob that can be pulled out to prevent intrusion when trying to unlock from inside the room, providing absolute peace of mind and safety for users.

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Come and experience the TOSTEM’s GIESTA entrance door at Showroom Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Showroom, or contact us for more details.


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