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Esteemed Architect Go Hasegawa to Ignite Inspiration in Exclusive Architect Talk Session at TOSTEM ASIA DESIGN AWARD 2023

TOSTEM Asia, a leader in aluminum window and door innovation, is pleased to announce esteemed architect Go Hasegawa as the honored Guest Speaker for the architect talk session during the highly anticipated TOSTEM ASIA DESIGN AWARD 2023.

Architect’s Background:

With a Master of Engineering degree from the Tokyo Institute of Technology and a rich history
of architectural contributions, Go Hasegawa founded Go Hasegawa & Associates in 2005, marking the inception of a visionary career. His journey culminated in the attainment of a Ph.D. in 2015, cementing his place as a prominent figure in the architectural landscape.

Educational and Teaching Contributions:

Mr. Hasegawa’s influence extends far beyond his architectural practice. He has generously shared his expertise as a visiting professor at prestigious institutions, including the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, the Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, as well as renowned universities such as UCLA and Harvard in the USA.

Authorship and Thought Leadership:

As an accomplished author, his publications “Thinking, Making Architecture, Living” (LIXIL Publishing, 2011) and “a + u 556” (Published by a & u Co., Ltd., 2017) have made significant contributions to architectural discourse.

Architectural Philosophy:

Go Hasegawa’s architectural philosophy seamlessly marries contemporary innovation with
the rich tapestry of Japanese tradition, challenging conventional norms and redefining
our perceptions of space, gravity, and time.

Notable Projects:

His extensive body of work includes groundbreaking residential projects like House in a Forest (2006), Pilotis in a Forest (2010), House in Kyodo (2011), Yoshino Cedar House (2016), Roof on a Ridge, and Villa Beside a Lake (both 2020). Notably, he has also left his mark on
non-residential architecture with projects like the Nippon Design Center in Ginza (2012) and the Chapel in Guastalla, Italy (2017).

“Flying Carpet” Installation:

One of his most recent achievements, “Flying Carpet,” a ribbon-like elevated walkway constructed from steel water pipes, has captivated the architectural world. This installation, situated in the garden of Luis Barragán’s house-studio in Mexico City, showcases
Mr. Hasegawa’s flair for creating awe-inspiring spaces.

Architect Talk Session at TOSTEM ASIA DESIGN AWARD 2023:

During the architect talk session at TOSTEM ASIA DESIGN AWARD 2023, Go Hasegawa
will captivate the audience, which includes winning architects from the prestigious award and esteemed media representatives. His insights and experiences promise to inspire and inform, making this session an invaluable part of the event.

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