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Doors and ventilation features – some guidelines that you should know

For countries located in tropical regions like Vietnam, hot weather is inevitable, especially in southern provinces with an average temperature of 26oC, hot and humid climate all year round. We deal with the heat by installing air conditioners, however, which require the cost for electrical power and regular maintenance, and limit people to the natural air unless we go outside.

It will be great if in a time when the climate is not too hot, you can breathe the natural air indoors without using air conditioning. Therefore, you need to know the basics of ventilation to optimize the design and function of the house to achieve the most comfortable for your family.

Horizontal Ventilation – Cross Ventilation


This is the most basic form of ventilation for a house, where you only need to install windows or doors in opposite locations (for example north and south). Or if you live in a shophouse where only two sides are exposed to the wind, you should use doors on both sides that open, and often open the door at the same time. This design provides ventilation at a low cost but takes full advantage of air circulation.

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Vertical Ventilation – Stack Ventilation


There is a principle that hot air will usually lighter and rises. When the hot air rises, the lower air zone will be cooler, so we need to design the high openings so that the hot air will fly out, along with the openings without obstructions. This is also a smart way to naturally circulate air.


Ventilation assistance devices


In addition to natural ventilation, other equipment such as ceiling fans and ventilation fans can be used. For multi-storey tube houses in the city with only one side exposed to natural air, it is possible to install equipment, roof ventilation, or air intake based on the pressure difference.. depending on the cost and needs of the host.


Ventilation door – Ventilation door


TOSTEM has designed and developed a unique door with integrated aluminum louvers for ventilation, vertical sliding glass panels that allow more or less wind to pass, insect-proof mesh fitted outside. Suitable for garden doors, and secure locking system, bringing security to your home.

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