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Differences between Anodizing and Powder Coating

Although satisfaction within clients is an architect’s desire, design cannot be constrained to only serving the decorative and functional purposes. Likewise, technological advances in frame coating not only rarefy product maintenance but also extend the service life, moreover, frames could be customized to be available in all kinds of sizes and shapes, in case the typical rectangular frame is not suitable. A new and broader palette of color is also available for selection. Currently, there are two types of frame coating used: anodizing and powder coating; the latter, differing in details with the former, is the method being used by TOSTEM. We introduce these technologies for you to make the best decision about aluminum frames for your premises.



The Making of Shades


The first step of the process is anodization, which is the process accomplished by coating aluminum with an electric current until layers are covered with an aluminum oxide film, which forms different shades– from the brightest hues, such as silver to the darkest hue, such as black. The second step is heat treatment, where heat is applied to strengthen the metal. While power coating is the method in which color powder is applied on the aluminum surface, followed by heat treatment; anodization has a more sophisticated and controlled procedure than powder coating, which gives the shade a dimensional effect.



Service Life and Maintenance


The formation of color pigments on anodized material is generated by an electrochemical reaction which strengthens the surface of door and window frames. The anodization process prevents colors and surfaces from chipping and or crumbling, as well as corrosion and scratch. The thickness of the anodized layers is an identifier of your product strength. Compared to powder-coated ones, anodized frames tend to have a longer service life and rarer maintenance requests.


Attractive and Durable Outdoor Material


The anodization process not only produces dimensional colors but also produces a much smoother and even surface. Anodized frames are also resistant to UV radiation and rain – a function that results from durable color, which makes it perfect for use on a building’s exterior.




As anodizing results in smooth and long-lasting color, it also helps anodized frames prolong attractive outer layers. Purchasing materials with this type of coating can be a very cost-efficient way to invest in your property. Understandably, exterior materials are always hard to keep clean; it is therefore reasonable to choose a high-quality aluminum to reduce maintenance efforts.


TOSTEM TEXGUARD Anodizing surface treatment

A Surface color treatment with advanced Japanese technology


TOSTEM’s surface treatments are available in a wide range of color tones, from light to dark in the bronze color spectrum, and Natural White, Ivory White and Autumn Brown through the use of pigments. The final surface color retains its tone, resulting in a long lasting, pleasing appearance. Durable beauty with our patented TEXGUARD system, the colors of TOSTEM products will last at least 40 years, with excellent scratch resistance for a new look that doesn’t fade. Additionally, natural dust and dirt accumulation-resistance keeps TOSTEM products looking clean with less effort.

Please find out more about TOSTEM anodizing technology here.


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