Tostem News  |  17.11.22

Celebrating TOSTEM’s 100 years of wisdom

We are pleased to announce about TOSTEM celebrating our 100 years of wisdom, an important milestone that marks one century of creating superior living spaces that foster a harmonious connection to nature.

We are sincerely grateful to all of our customers who have supported the company’s development throughout the years. Going forward, TOSTEM will continue to enrich lives around the world through our wisdom and innovation.

Started in 1923, Takejiro Ushioda sets up the Myokenya Shoten (Tokyo, Japan), the predecessor of TOSTEM Corporation, to launch a wooden fittings retail business. Since then we continue to grow and started designing and manufacturing aluminum sash windows in 1966 based on the principles of always aiming for the highest quality. As lifestyles and customer expectations have changed and diversified over the years, we too have evolved to meet them, continually enhancing the performance and comfort of homes.

Today under the TOSTEM brand, LIXIL Corporation’s aluminum business has manufacturing bases in Japan and throughout Asia with an annual aluminum production capacity of approximately 220,000 tons/year. LIXIL Corporation Asia’s TOSTEM branded products range from windows and doors to curtain walls – all designed for maximum functionality and comfort.

For a century now, TOSTEM has overcome challenges in the pursuit of quality and performance as an expert in the field of windows and doors. These 1st innovations were created with passion to better every life for the best living.

With us stepping into the new era, let our journey of being 1st continue, starting with the new and unprecedented color “Dusk Gray” our latest color creation and another industry 1st. The color is inspired by the sundown moment, the point when darkness begins and infinite twilight beauty shines. Its deep and calm tone with reduced brightness is another perfect choice that brings out uniqueness to any living space.

Going forward, we promise to continue our contribution to the comfort and safety of people’s homes, as well as enrich their lives through our products that allow people to be both connected to nature and protected from the elements as TOSTEM believes that windows and doors are the interfaces that bring people in harmony with the nature, revealing the beauty of living inside out and the art of living outside in.

Framing the beauty of living.




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