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Carport SC

Previously, car garage was often designed inside the house, helping to bring harmony to the space. However, arranging a garage inside the house can affect the health and safety of family members due to toxic factors arising from car engine waste or the risk of fire. Therefore, the modern trend is that the parking car spot is designed outside the house, helping to save installation costs, while bringing safety to the homeowner.



Through careful research on structure, shape, and materials, TOSTEM has created Carport SC, with outstanding functionality and aesthetics. The product has won some of the most prestigious awards in design and creativity such as German Design Award 2019, IF design award 2018, Good design award 2017, etc.


Outstanding performance


Carport SC of TOSTEM uses aluminum profiles meeting Japanese JIS technical quality standards, helping to ensure the hardness, bearing capacity, as well as the durability of the product. Text Guard advanced surface treatment technology – using a scratch-resistant coating made by TOSTEM that helps products achieve a durability of up to 40 years, ensures high resistance to ultraviolet rays and heat, and at the same time enduring with rain storms.



Sophisticated design

In addition to its outstanding functions, the Carport SC car garage is designed to be in harmony with modern architectural spaces. By altering the usual structure and removing redundant details, we have created a unique and sophisticated product. We use aluminum profiles as the roof, assembled to create a flat, thin and elegant surface. In our minimal design, the drainage pipes and bolts, screws are designed to be submerged in the roof, with excess details removed to the maximum, making installation easier. With a slim, minimal design with only roof and two supporting columns, Carport SC brings an artistic and classy space to your home. A luxurious design with outstanding quality is completely suitable for modern and sophisticated architectural designs.

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