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Architects’ advice when choosing the material of windows & doors for your home

Experts say that, in order for the house to retain the beauty before the impact of time, bringing feng shui and good fortune, families should pay attention when designing the main doors and windows.

Talking about this issue, architect Nguyen Van Thu from HGAA Architecture office and architect Man Duc Bao, representing Bao An Architects office – a company that has accompanied many housing design projects in Vietnam, has shared practical knowledge.


The importance of doors in the house


While windows and doors might not sound all that glamorous, they play a huge role in indoor comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. They protect your family and your belongings from extreme weather, working in tandem with the heating and cooling system to provide temperature control and optimized comfort.

Therefore, throughout the history of housing, the door has been researched and developed with many shapes and materials, especially when people increasingly attach great importance to comfortable living conditions and aesthetics. If in the past, when production technology was not developed, there was only wood material to make doors, then over time, we witnessed the development of diverse materials for doors such as plastic, iron, stainless steel, glass or aluminum.
Architect Man Duc Bao, the representative of the office of architect Bao An, said: “Depending on the architectural style of each house to use doors with appropriate materials: classic style suits doors made of wood material, modern style suits metal glass doors, minimalist style can choose plastic door, etc.”


Aluminum is a popular material for windows & doors nowadays


In terms of materials, each has different advantages and disadvantages. It is clear that the wood material is well insulated, but it is easy to warp or be termite over time. Iron, on the other hand, has an aesthetic advantage, but is poor dust resistant, poor soundproof, easy to peel off paint and rust.

Comparing more about materials, architect Nguyen Van Thu said: “When designing buildings in Vietnam, we are very concerned about the sustainability of the house to climate change and safety when using use. Because Vietnam’s climate changes with each season, it is very important to choose a door that responds to the impact of the external climate ”.

With features suitable for Vietnam’s complex climate, aluminum doors seem to be gradually becoming the dominant choice and replace traditional wood or plastic door

Aluminum doors are durable, suitable for all environmental and weather conditions. This material is less affected by external influences due to its better water resistance than wooden doors, and better resistance to sunlight and wind than plastic doors. “Because aluminum doors are not easily oxidized, nor are they deformed, yellowed in the conditions of solar radiation or rain, this door has a much longer life expectancy than other materials” – Representative of Bao An’s office share. According to him, using aluminum material will keep the original beauty intact during use.


The leading Japanese aluminum door solution is chosen by architects


In the market, TOSTEM has increasingly won the trust of Vietnamese people by its unique features and outstanding product quality. Founded in 1949 and becoming the No. 1 aluminum door brand in Japan, TOSTEM has made great progress in supplying to the market the product lines of doors and windows.

TOSTEM uses the most advanced Anodizing electrolytic color coating technology today, so the products achieve high color fastness. TEXGUARD technology – using a scratch-resistant coating made since 2005 and is now used in all of its products to achieve durability of up to 40 years.

TEXGUARD technology – uses a scratch-resistant coating used by TOSTEM in all of its products to help them achieve durability up to 40 years.

TOSTEM’s products have gone through a long research and design process that is suitable for the climatic conditions of Vietnam.

The locking system of TOSTEM is very diverse: door key, multi-point lock for open doors, sliding door scallop lock, booster lock, etc. providing high safety when used. In particular, the rubber lining prevents water from leaking through, while reducing noise up to 25dB.

Architect Nguyen Van Thu shared: “TOSTEM is one of our top priorities when using aluminum doors in buildings. TOSTEM products bring stable quality when used. They have high standards of sound insulation, heat insulation, water resistance, good wind resistance, very quiet operation and bring peace of mind and safety for users.”

All TOSTEM products and components are manufactured and assembled at the factory before being delivered to consumers, it is this complete difference that makes the product perfect, uniform and not be counterfeited in the market.

TOSTEM is a brand of high-end aluminum windows & doors of LIXIL Group, a leading enterprise in the world in the housing and construction industry with operations in 150 countries. TOSTEM currently has 37 factories in Japan, 2 factories in Thailand and China. To mark the development in the Vietnamese market, TOSTEM has built a large-capacity aluminum factory in Long Duc Industrial Park – Long Thanh – Dong Nai, the factory went into operation in 2014, and provided to the market thousands of residential projects and major projects.


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