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Advantages of TOSTEM aluminum folding doors


The special thing about folding doors is that it can act as a temporary partition, or open completely to create a large space. Folding doors are made up of many small door panels connected by hinges, which are a design highlight that gives a different look to other types of doors.

The door can be opened to one side or flexibly opened 2 sides. When opening the doors can be stacked neatly which can create a large space with a panoramic view.


Diverse sizes and colors

TOSTEM aluminum doors have a variety of sizes from 4 wings, 6 wings, 8 wings to 12 wings, 16 wings while still ensuring the technique of bearing capacity and aesthetics. The product has 6 basic colors: Black, White porcelain, Coffee brown, etc. so that it can suits many different styles from classical, neoclassical to modern.


Outstanding hardness and durability

Constructed from JIS Japanese standard aluminum profiles, TOSTEM folding doors have outstanding hardness and durability, which can withstand the impact of external forces such as wind, storm and earthquake without warping, rusty, or shrinkage. TOSTEM uses the most advanced Anodizing electrolytic color coating technology, so the products achieve beautiful colors with durabilty. Text Guard technology – using a scratch-resistant coating made by TOSTEM since 2005 and is now used in all of our products, helps them achieve a durability of up to 40 years.


Safety for the user


Japanese engineers have designed the hinges as swivel joints and intelligently connects between the hand clamp doors when opening and closing, which is safe for users, especially for families with young children.


Model 6-door  folding door is currently on display at the Showroom TOSTEM in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

>> See more Products of TOSTEM folding doors here.

Come experience TOSTEM door products at Showroom Hanoi and Showroom in Ho Chi Minh City, or contact us for more details.



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