Pre Engineered System


Pre Engineered System

Pre-engineered System Windows

The traditional method of manufacturing uses very little mechanization and follows the batch production process. Fabrication & assembly is done partly at the factory and partly at the site. The entire process is slow and quality is very much dependent on the worker’s skill at the installation stage. There are a lot of points where quality can be diluted and hence the actual performance is compromised.

The process of Pre Engineered Windows (PEW) is similar to pre-engineered buildings, where the building is designed and fabricated at the factory, and only the assembly of different components is done at the site in a quick burst of speed using nuts or bolts.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the window makers these days – is to maintain the last mile quality within tight project timelines. One simple solution is to manufacture the entire window at the factory and only assemble it at the site. The higher control over quality achieved at the factory ensures the installation time is compressed and the last mile delivery is very easily achieved. It is a very successful Japanese innovation to suit the requirement of housing projects in India. As 90% of work is done in the controlled environment of the factory, there is no chance of quality dilution. As a result, the test performance and actual performance is always the same.
TOSTEM follows a process similar to pre-engineered buildings, entire window fabrication is done at the factory and only the assembly is done at the site in a quick burst of speed.


  • The entire window is manufactured at the factory, except assembling and glazing
  • The Pre-Engineered window comes in boxes – separate boxes for sash and frame are dispatched
  • Logistics and storekeeping become easy as all the boxes are well labeled.
  • Manufacturing accuracy is good and there is no mismatch during installation.
  • All hardware comes pre-fitted from the factory; site work requires minimum time.

Window in a Box

The windows are assembled in separate boxes at the factory and are dispatched directly to the site. As these packed windows are transported in small boxes, and hence there is no concern of damage or breakage during the transit.

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