Patented ‘TEXGUARD’ Technology


Patented ‘TEXGUARD’ Technology

Patented ‘TEXGUARD’ Technology

TOSTEM products come with a special protective coating, which provide higher life & log lasting luster!

With the patented TEXGUARD system, the colors of TOSTEM products last at least 40 years. TEXGUARD is an additional clear synthetic resin paint deposited over the anodized surface which alters the molecular structure of the surface paint and protects the surface against light, heat and water. This helps in proving high scratch resistance of 4H and low accumulation of natural dust makes it easy to clean windows with less effort and retain a new-like look for a long time.

Maximizing the Strength and Beauty of Aluminum

This unique TEXGUARD anodized finish gives a high level of protection, alongside showing the beautiful appearance of natural aluminum. TOSTEM offers a wide range of color variations, which allows you to enjoy its lifelong beauty, adding happiness to your lifestyle. With the patented TEXGUARD system, the colors of TOSTEM products will last at least 40 years.

Benefits of patented ‘TEXGUARD’ technology

Surface treatment color with advanced ‘TEXGUARD’ technology

  • Available in a wide range of color tones:

  • The final surface color retains its tone, resulting in a lasting, pleasing appearance.
  • High Scratch resistance
  • Dust resistance


TOSTEM products are tested and certified by Global Standards, which ensure superior quality and consistent performance.

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