TOSTEM windows undergo a variety of other tests which increase the overall reliability and hence the value of the window. The reason aluminum TOSTEM windows have outstanding durability is thanks to the following characteristics:

High quality material

The aluminum alloy used is 6063 with T5 tempering which has more strength. The corner is joined at 90º and does not require cleats, which are less strong. The TOSTEM window is stronger and has a longer performance life as compared to other window materials.

Resist rusting and fading

It indicates the resistance of products to adverse effects of various climatic conditions such as moisture, dust, sunlight and pollution. Rainfall in coastal areas is saline in nature which can corrode many metals much faster than what happens in dry climate. Also, heavy air pollution turns the mist and fog (smog) into light acid which can react with surfaces and cause blemishes and fading.

Long lasting beauty for at least 40 years

Durable beauty with our patented TEXGUARD system, the colors of TOSTEM products will last at least 40 years, with excellent scratch resistance for a new look that doesn’t fade. Additionally, natural dust and dirt accumulation-resistance keeps TOSTEM products looking clean with less effort.

Rigorous quality inspection

TOSTEM only provide products which have passed the series of strict tests and requirements to our customers. The test lab in Japan is accredited by the Japanese Government. LIXIL factory has testing facility for wind pressure, air tightness, water tightness, material composition, sound isolation, thermal insulation, light & UV resistance, profile and anodizing life test following both JIS and ASTM Standards. Rollers are tested for 200,000 operations which is many times more than lifetime usage of the product.

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