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3 Windows, 3 Lifestyles

If your house were a living, breathing body, your windows would undoubtedly be its eyes. Aside from taking in natural light and welcoming some fresh air into the house, windows are also your gateway to the outdoors and your surrounding scenery. What’s more is that they directly reflect how your house looks overall, as they’re one of the only things that you can both see from the inside and outside of the house.


Choosing the right window setup for you thus depends on these two factors: their function, and the lifestyle of the people living in the house. And today, the TOSTEM team will help you learn more about 3 different varieties of windows that may just be the right fit for you!

Narrow Window Panes for Privacy-Lovers

These long, narrow designs are perfect for people who love just a little more privacy than what regular windows may allow. The best part is that these windows give you all the comfort in the world without compromising on natural light, to make your home feel all the more cozy and livable.

Nowadays you can find narrow window panes virtually anywhere, with both vertical and horizontal varieties being used in many modern home designs. And that’s because of the aesthetic value they bring to houses in addition to the functional features they already possess. At first glance they even make your outside view look like a painting, where the panes act like the painting’s frame. All that’s left for you to do is to find the very best view from the house’s interior that connects with the exterior, to get the exact aesthetic you want. This could even include decorating your garden with more vertical elements, or designing your own view of the sky without by not placing anything in the way of the windows’ exterior view.

Wide Window Panes: a Nature Fanatic’s Best Friend


If you’re crazy about nature and crafting up the best view possible, wide window panes should absolutely be a fixture in your home. They connect your interior and exterior together like no other variety, and if you choose clear window panes, it amplifies the effect and takes it to the next level.

Switching out parts of a solid wall for a large window will undoubtedly bring more natural light into your home, improve air circulation and make your living space look larger, even if you have a smaller house. The best feeling ever is when you look out of your window and see the exterior view you’ve crafted for yourself, every single day of the week.

Angled Window Panes for a Frameless Aesthetic

If your home is surrounded by stunning views of the sea, the woods or the mountains, it would be a crime not to take full advantage of them. Ideally you’d love a full, non-constricted view of your scenery, but often you may be plagued by your home’s pillars, walls or narrow window frames, preventing you from achieving your best view.

That’s where angled window panes come in. Instead of having to live with solid walls, angled window panes let you customize your view without boundaries, by connecting two corners of glass together. You and your residents will have an unprecedented view of the outdoors, and have full access to natural light. It’s no wonder why these windows are often chosen by those who want more modern and contemporary designs.

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