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3 Styles of Entrance door for modern design

The main door is always one of the most important areas that homeowners pay attention to during construction. Because this is the bridge connecting the outdoor space with the interior architecture, also the first attraction of a house. This is an important means to help affirm the unique personality of the owner, and at the same time express a warm welcome to the guests. The following article will summarize 3 main door styles for the house for your reference.


1. Simple and Minimalistic

Choosing the main door is important to ensure the safety of the family in occupancy. Besides supporting security, GIESTA also emphasizes residential designs with various patterns and colors.

For those of you who like simple and minimalist designs, GIESTA presents a main door with smooth surfaces, vertical and horizontal lines, with wood and metallic pattern finishes for your dream home.

2. Modern but Tradional


For those of you who like classic wood patterns with a contemporary touch, GIESTA presents various designs for your dream home.

Available in 4 colors: Turin Pine, Crea Mocha, Crea Rusk, and Teak with 3 fun contemporary patterns, GIESTA is here to make your home more attractive.

3. Glass with style


You certainly agree that a house that has good lighting can support the comfort and health of its residents.

GIESTA presents the main door with glass panels that can support lighting, which also helps integrate the residence with any design.



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